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Can I also search on for example the price?
Yes, in the list with results you can click on the white titles in the blue beam on top.

Is it really for free to place an ad on this website?
When you are a private advertiser you can place an ad without picture for free.

Why is my ad not visible right away?
The first time you place an ad, you receive an e-mail with an activation link. You have to activate your account first to prevent abuse.

How long does it take before my ad is visible on the site?
Your ad will be visible on the site after activating your account.

How long will my ad be visible on the site?
3 months unless you remove your ad yourself.

Can my ad stay on the site, even after 3 months?
Yes, you can prolong your ad through an e-mail you will receive.

How can I edit an ad?
You can edit your ad in your own account.

How can I remove an ad?
You can remove your ad in your own account.

Can I also place a picture with my ad?
Yes, when you are a private advertiser you can put a picture to your ad. We ask a small fee for this service.

At a certain ad there is a wrong or no telephone number. Can you help me with this?
No, when data is not right or complete we can not find out what it should be. The only thing you can do is mail the advertiser.

My question is not in this list. What should I do?
You can send us your question through the contact form.